Valencia for FS2002

Features of our Valencia scenery:
The international airport of Valencia (LEVC) with its older part "Manises" is built with 
  a lot of details. Also the special round architecture of the new terminal building with 
  its ramps is displayed exactly.
  During approach to RWY30 you can see the harbour of Valencia. The order of the 
  terrain textures is edited to display the airport location near the city. The AI-traffic 
  is also edited to match to our scenery. Valencia, situated at the mediterranean cost 
  of Spain is a destination of various national flights of Iberia and Spanair (Barcelona, 
  Bilbao, Ibiza, Madrid, Malaga, Menorca, Murcia, Palma, Teneriffa und Sevilla) and 
  international flights from Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Lissboa, Milano, 
  Zurich etc...

  This scenery is made for FS2002, a free FS2004 patch is available.
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