Marseille Provence for FS2004:

Screenshots of our new Marseille Provence scenery developed by Thorsten Loth.

Marseille lies in the south of France and is the most important port of the country. The airport lies somewhat outside of the city at a lagoon and the Runway was extended into this lagoon.
Numerous typical details, e.g. the Canadair airplanes of "Securite Civile", the divided Caravelle and the Eurocopter factory were copied. The enormous glass terminal of Marseille has animated Jetways (each second jetway) and corresponds like all other buildings exactly to the original.


  • scenery airport Marseille Provence including Eurocopter factory and cargo area
  • Landclass file of the closer surroundings
  • real roads and coastlines (lagoon, city of Marseille and Mediterranean coast)
  • animated Jetways for different types of aircraft (747,737,A320..)
  • some static airplanes which will not obstruct the AI Traffic
  • by the employment of the latest scenery design techniques (Gmax, XML...) despite the numerous details extremely good performance
  • some 3-D humans

System Requirements:
Pentium 1.5 Ghz
3D Graphicboard with min. 64MB Ram
256MB Ram
93 MB harddisk space
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Adobe Acrobat reader to read the manual

  This scenery is made for FS2004.
Some shown aircrafts are part of the "MyTraffic" and other add ons.

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