Madrid Barajas for FS2004 (and FS2002):

Features of our Madrid Barajas scenery:
The 5th largest airport in Europe and the most important one in Spain is ready 
  for you to enjoy! Included are the actual Terminals 1-3, sourrounding buildings 
  and full Cargo area. Also included  are the current building projects at Barajas, 
  that is Terminal 4, it's satellites and the new Runway.
  The scenery was made after the original plans, photographs and is build upon a 
  photorealistic ground texture. Some importnat hight buildings of the city of Madrid 
  are also included. The included PDF manual comes in 4 languages, English, French, 
  Spanish and German.

  • All Terminals and buildings in the highest possible detail textures.
  • Iberia's maintenance base 'La Munoza'
  • New Terminal construction site
  • over 200 taxi and runway signs
  • Original reflector and taxiway lighting
  • All parking positions with full signalage
  • 40 docking systems and many marshals
  • Wig Wag and traffic lights at runway crossings
  • Night textures and night lighting
  • Photorealistic ground textures including village of Barajas
  • Specific textures for all 4 seasons
  • Dynamic Scenery
  • Static scenery with aircraft, vehicles, personal and gangways (easily 
    removable for use with MyTraffic and other add-on programs)
  • Autogen and Landclass scenery
  • Roads around Madrid aera
  • AI Traffic
  • High Buildings of Madrid can be seen from the distance

  This scenery is made for FS2004, a identical version for FS2002 is included. 
Some shown aircrafts are part of the "MyTraffic" and other add ons.

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