Cannes for FS2004:

Screenshots of our new Cannes scenery developed by Cornel Grigoriu. Please contact for any question about this scenery.

Welcome to the French Riviera and to Cannes, the home of the filmfestival. This airport is made as close as possible to the real one with many detailed objects around the airport, also the ground for the entire airport painted with photos as reference.

The first aircrafts took off from the valley of Siagne in 1905 and in 1909 the Count de Lambert, a Wright agent, opened a flying school at La Napoule In 1931, Paul Tarascon, was captived by the charm of the hills of Mandelieu and dreamed of creating an airfield there. Today the airport is one of the largest business traffic airports in France. The airport handles international tourism and business traffic, with a capacity for business planes up to 22 tons.


  • Dynamic and static scenery
  • High quality textures on buildings
  • Landclass and edited costline around the airport
  • AI compatible

System Requirements:
Pentium 1.8Ghz
3D Graphicboard with min. 64MB Ram
256MB Ram
66 MB harddisk space
Adobe Acrobat reader to read the manual

  This scenery is made for FS2004.
Some shown aircrafts are part of the "MyTraffic" and other add ons.

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