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SODE Jetways

At this page we provide optional SODE jetways. Our sceneries are delivered with custom made high definition animated jetways following the SDK techniques (CTRL-J). Nevertheless some users prefer to use SODE jetways instead. Therefore we provide those as a free and unsupported download option for our sceneries. Please recognize that we do not provide any troubleshooting support for SODE or those SODE jetways and do not guarantee the function in future versions of Prepar3d in combination with SODE since this are third party programs. You can allways switch back to our SDK jetways.

Please do not forget to donate to the SODE author for using SODE : SODE DONATION

Instructions for the installation are within the ZIP file.

Make sure to have those SODE jetways installed that match to the scenery version (1.0, 1.01 etc.)
After a scenery has received a service update weŽll add or exchange download files to more recent ones and note the matching airport scenery version.

Updated: July 31, 2020
to be continued:
Download: sim-wings pro - Munich SODE jetways   4,7 MB - P3Dv4/V5 for 1.00 and 1.01
Note: New version with advertising on jetways temporarily not available.
Download: Gran Canaria Professional SODE jetways   1,7 MB
Download: Tenerife South Professional SODE jetways   2,2 MB
Download: Anchorage Professional SODE jetw. 1.10  1,9 MB - for 1.10 or higher - P3D V4/V5 !
CAUTION: Since SODE is not capable of multiple simulators a FSX Installation of these Barcelona jetways will ALSO show in P3D and vice versa. Make sure to only use Barcelona SODE jetways for ONE simulator at the same time!
Download: Barcelona Professional SODE jetways   5 MB - Fits from 1.01 - P3D V4/V5 !
Download: Barcelona Evolution SODE jetways (FSX)  5 MB - Fits from 1.01 - FSX only !
Download: La Palma Professional SODE jetways 1.10   2.2 MB - Fits from 1.10 - P3Dv4/V5 !
Download: Fairbanks Professional SODE jetways   1.8 MB - Fits from 1.00 - P3Dv4/V5 !
Download: Malaga Professional SODE jetways  3.5 MB - Fits from 1.00 - P3Dv4/V5 !
Download: London Heathrow Professional SODE jetways  10.5 MB - Fits to 1.10 - P3DV4/V5
Download: Ibiza Professional SODE jetways  3.3 MB - Fits from 1.00 - P3Dv4/V5 !
Download: Menorca Professional SODE jetways  1.7 MB - Fits from 1.00 - P3Dv4/V5 !
Download: Mallorca Professional SODE jetways  0.8 MB - Fits from 1.00 - P3DV4/V5 !
Download: Madrid Professional SODE jetways 1.1   4.8 MB - Fits from - P3DV4/V5 !
Download: Madrid Evolution SODE jetways    5.3 MB - Fits from - FSX only !
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