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Mega Airport Madrid Professional (Prepar3D V4)

At this page we provide "Service Packs" and more for our sceneries. Later this "Service Pack" will be
part of a new "Full Installer", downloadable at the customer page of your download shop (Aerosoft,
simmarket, ...).
There is no need to install the new complete installer, when the "Service Packs" are allready installed.
Instructions for the installation are within the ZIP file.

Afcad Hotfix Released at September 28th, 2018
- No longer available. This Hotfix is now part of Hotfix 2

Hotfix 2 Released at October 1st, 2018
- fixed AFCAD files for GSX which has problems with dummy gates for alternate parking positions
- New AFCAD file with "all RWYs open" as an alternative to north/south configuration (Please acknowledge
  that this option will cause unrealistic RWY operation for Take off and landing!)
- New configuration tool with the third Afcad option "All RWYs open"
- Fixed minor flickering at Runways
- Removed crew building at T4 Satellite (was removed at real airport)
- Added plattform to Terminal 4 and T4 Sat depaturelevel (In case you want to walk with an avatar)
- Added luggage announcement in Terminal 4 and T4 Sat
- Added options to the configuration tool

Download:  43 MB
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