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Gran Canaria Professional (Prepar3D V4)

At this page we provide "Service Packs" and more for our sceneries. Later this "Service Pack" will be
part of a new "Full Installer", downloadable at the customer page of your download shop (Aerosoft,
simmarket, ...).
There is no need to install the new complete installer, when the "Service Packs" are allready installed.
IMPORTANT: ONLY FOR PREPAR3D V4.4 and V4.5 user who use PBR!
A few user reported some artefacts randomly visible at the airport (like taxiways rotated 90 degrees)
After 3 days of testing we came to the conclusion that this is related to the new PBR materials using display conditions (like showing only in rainy weather). During our tests we have seen this problem also at airports of other dev teams. So finally, this must be related to the simulator itself and there is nothing we can do ourself about this issue. WeŽll get in contact with LM for a solution. In the meantime you can use this hotfix:
It only substitutes the PBR rain effect with a non PBR rain effect. The buildings will keep PBR textures.
Copy the files over the existing ones in \Sim-wings Canary Islands Professional\Gran Canaria\scenery
As allways: Make a backup of the existing files because they will be overwritten.

As an alternative you can switch off "PBR" in the Gran Canaria config tool (but buildings will loose PBR as well)
Download:  16 MB
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