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Anchorage Professional (Prepar3D V4)

At this page we provide "Service Packs" and more for our sceneries. Later this "Service Pack" will be
part of a new "Full Installer", downloadable at the customer page of your download shop (Aerosoft,
simmarket, ...).
There is no need to install the new complete installer, when the "Service Packs" are allready installed.
Instructions for the installation are within the ZIP file.

Chronology (to be continued):
Full Installer 1.0  Released at January 9th, 2018
Service Pack 1.01 Released at January 9th, 2018
Removed and substituted by Service Pack 1.02
Service Pack 1.02 Released at January 10th, 2018
Removed and substituted by Full Installer 1.10
Full Installer 1.10  Released at January 24th, 2018
Available at your shop´s customer page.
Contains Full Installer 1.0 enhanced with Service Pack 1.02 and new features of 1.10.
Since changes were too massive, we cannot provide a Service Pack.
Changelog (compared to initial release 1.0):
When using a mesh resolution of 1 m together with FTX SAK strange artefacts (mesh) were visible
close to RWY 14 of PANC.
Textures showing wrong runway numbers.
When using FTX SAK Lake Hood surface was uneven.
NavdataPro charts for PANC were missing.
Now with runway 07R extension with change of PAPI, approach lights, runway lights and aerial picture
Reduced intensity of dynamic lights at international terminal
Better integration in FTX SAK terrain to solve elevation problems at Anchorage city and elsewhere
Correction of DME location for ILS approaches
Removed hard surface obstacles at Lake hood
Redesigned configtool

Full Installer 1.11  Released at May, 8th, 2018
Available at your shop´s customer page.
Changes 1.11: Fix for taxiway edge lights when using HDR, fix for config tool.
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