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London Heathrow 2008 frequently asked questions

Why a new version (London Heathrow 2008 V1.1)?
Few customers reported CTD´s (Crash to desktop) while approaching to London Heathrow,
some customers reported stuttering or a long loading time of textures while approaching to London Heathrow, specially when using the HighRes texture set.
We solved this issues by making new scenery files. Also we reworked some textures, mostly the HighRes set. For example we converted some from DXT3 to DXT1,which makes no difference in quality but in the amount of data. And we resized some textures that were unnecessarily too big in size.

What is changed in London Heathrow V1.1?
- main buildings don´t appear at once anymore. Now they were loaded "one after the other" to  
  smooth the approach/scenery loading
- both texture sets (normal and HighRes) are reworked to provide a smooth approach without
  stuttering and loading times during approach
- The high resolution textures are reworked. You do not necessarily need them on screens
  up to 22". Larger screens (24", 30") can get some profit from the HighRes textures.
- Small update on the AFCAD file: Gates at T1 were corrected to match with AES.
- Faster download: The file size of the downloadable full version decreased from 148 to 60 MB
- Some users reported blue runways, some didnt. We decided to patch this, so  V1.1 comes
  with a new texture. If you liked the old version, you can download the old V1.0 texture HERE.
  Simply copy the asph.bmp over the existing one in your Heathrow2008/texture directory.

Look at the picture below to proof which color you prefer or fits better to your Monitor.

I got no problems at all with London Heathrow 2008, do I need V1.1?
If you didn´t get problems you can keep V 1.0. If you´re using V 1.0 with a high resolution texture set installation of  the V1.1 is highly recommended as it uses less graphic memory.

Where can I get V1.1 ?
Simply go to your Aerosoft or simmarket shop account and load the Installation file again. (Now 60 instead of 150MB).
Before installing V1.1 deinstall V1.0 from your system (desribed in the manual). Use the "uninstall software function". Do not just delete the files at your harddisk as the installer may fail to install again.

Other questions related to Heathrow 2008:

At the mirror stands the painted text on the ground seems to be wrong (not readable)
This is correct as it is. In reality the pilot sees this text in the mirror, than it is readable. The F100
letters are different, but we did it exactly like it is in reality. Cannot say why F100 is not mirrored.

Why do AI- and static aircrafts airlines seem to be placed at "wrong" gates/terminals?
Placing aircrafts at Heathrow is a bit tricky as the airline alliances will play "musical chairs" when T5 opens. But it´s not quite sure how it really will be in detail. Also they´ll start to rebuilt other areas (T1 and T2) causing airlines to use other gates/terminals again.
I suggest to use AI-traffic instead of static airplanes as this is more flexible and we can change gate assignment in the future.

Download section (Files only for Version 1.1)

Old asphalt texture of Version 1.0: DOWNLOAD


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