High quality scenery add ons for flight simulation. Our sceneries are made with
 the greatest accuracy and highest detail:
  Most airports are based on high resolution aerial pictures.
  Lots of airport specific static and dynamic objects.
  We use high end programs like 3D Studio Max, Photoshop etc. for building.
  Sceneries have complex AI-CAD layouts to be used with AI-traffic.
  Animated objects like AES-Lite creating a unique airport atmosphere.
  AES compatible.
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  Anchorage X for FSX
  Anchorage in Alaska: One of the most remarkable airports worldwide as it is not "just" a big passenger airport and one of the largest cargo hubs. It is also close to one of largest seaplane bases (Lake Hood) serving the Alaskans to reach the vast wilderness of this fascinating State.
  Anchorage Ted Stevens Intl. Airport with all buildings and facilities (International 
  Terminal, National Terminal, Cargo area, Maintenance area, Kulis Air national 
  Guard Base, South Airpark,...)
Detailed rendering of LakeHood, the water airport (LHD) including many static
  small airplanes
Landing strip Z41
Aerial photos for the ground texture with a resolution down to 15cm/pixel
AESLite ground vehicle traffic on the airport and nearby roads (with suitable
  vehicles like pickups_

Trains between airport station and Anchorage with functional crossings for
  the cars!

Fitting autogen to the ground texture
Complete taxi and runway signs
Smooth integration to the environment because of adapted coastlines with
  own mesh in the airport area avoiding plateau effects using other add-ons

Complete airport now with Terminal 1
Aircraft Access Gates on the taxiways from PANC to LHD or Z41 opens
  automatically when you get close
Detailed AFCAD files for all airports included
Custom 3D RWY-lightning, 3D taxiway lightning
Compatible with AES

  Please go to our distribution partner www.aerosoft.com for screenshots and
  purchase information.
  Mega Airport BarcelonaX for FSX and FS2004
  Barcelona is one of the major airports in Spain alongside Madrid Barajas and
Palma de Mallorca. All buildings represent the current real world airport status.
The scenery is made by Manfred Spatz with great attention to every detail.
  All buildings and airport institutions
Dynamic and animated objects
Photo real textures on buildings, objects, vehicles, etc.
High resolution day- and night textures
Fully compatible to the standard AI traffic and AI traffic add-ons
Taxiways and apron with realistically rendered textures
Hundreds of taxiway and runway signs according to original charts
Ground signs and markings
Docking systems
Complete airport now with Terminal 1
Realistic airport traffic (service vehicles, etc) by AES Lite
Option to install static aircraft
Optimized frame rates
FSX and FS2004 version included
Compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services by Oliver Pabst)
Manual in three languages (German, English, Spanish)
  GibraltarX for FSX and FS2004
  Gibraltar: The British enclave on the Iberian peninsula, a strategic point to controll the access to the Mediterranean Sea. The airport is famous for the road that intersects the runway. An outstanding scenery of Gibraltar and its airport modelled to the smallest of details by Thorsten Loth.
  Photo realistic high resolution ground textures (15 cm/pixel) for Gibraltar
Dynamic car-traffic across the runway, it stops automaticly when you depart or 
  approach at the bounds
Dynamic traffic on the apron (AESLite)
All buildings around the airfield and bordering districts of Gibraltar
New terminal including new apron park positions
Excellent night lightning
Many animations  like cableway etc.
Whole scenery-area covered with autogen
Optimized frame rates
FSX and FS2004 version included
Compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services by Oliver Pabst)
Manual in two languages (German, English)
  Balearic IslandsX for SX and FS2004
  Balearic Islands: One of the leading holiday resorts for Europe. All islands: Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca are rebuilt with high resolution aerial ground textures (FSX, FS2004 uses lower reolution) and all airports. A highly realistic "virtual holiday scenery" made by Thorsten Loth.
  All international airports in extremely high detail and all buildings
Numerous static objects, such as push back trucks, stairs, etc.
Very busy dynamic apron traffic through AESLite
Dynamic AESLite vehicle traffic on roads surrounding the airports
Highly detailed AFCAD or AFX files for AI traffic
Aerial photo ground textures (day/night)
Safegate (Aircraft Parking and Information System)
Autogen objects (vegatation and houses) on the islands
General Aviation airports "Son Bonet" LESB and "San Luis" LESL
Fully supported by AES (Airport Enhancement Services)
Automatic installer
FSX and FS2004 version included
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